What are we offering?

We created a special tool for unlocking video in motion on RNS 510 navigations. With this tool you can permanently enable DVD and TV while driving. The number of unlocks is not limited. Buy once, unlock many.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New software for RNS 510 DVD Free

The software for RNS 510 Video In Motion Tool was completely rewritten. It is now faster, easier to operate and works 100% on all board revisions (A, B and C). All customers will get the updated SW free of charge.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New! CarEQO RNS 510 Video In Motion Tool

We are now offering the one and only professional solution for permanent video in motion on RNS 510 devices. No need to add any hardware to vehicle anymore. The only thing needed is just connect RNS 510 to our cable and follow easy on-screen instructions. You can enable video in motion on unlimited count of vehicles.

Modification using this tool is permanent. Video stays enabled after reboot or removal of power and even after software upgrade!

Price is 990 EUR for one set of cable and software.

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CarEQO RNS 510 Service Tool - Demonstration Video

Demonstration video showing change of PIN code on Columbus navigation using RNS 510 Service Tool: